Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mystery Solved

Thanks to Heidi who knew this plant as Colchicum. Common name seems to be Sons-before-the Fathers. In the Spring this lush green foliage comes up and gives the promise of a bulb but nothing ever comes of it. I have watched this happen several years maybe a decade. I even remember commenting to my wife several different times in the fall "look at those crazy crocus blooming at the wrong time of the year'. I did a little research this plant seems to be more adapted to cold climates - maybe up North like Maine. We are not a cold climate area. Our house is the Lythgoe - Barnwell House. Mrs. Barnwell lived here from about 1901 - 1946. I think maybe this is a plant she brought here from her home place in Maine. It isn't anywhere else on the property. Thanks Heidi! What fun - happy gardening guys!

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