Monday, November 30, 2009

Air Layering

Recently i have learned the joy of Air Layering plants. I have had great success with the Pink Perfection Camelia in our backyard. I have 12 new plants about a foot and half tall, with buds loaded all over them. Now I've started looking around the neighborhood for other plants i'd like to have starts from - like a child in a candy store. My neighbor has a beautiful red camelia, i think i'll ask him about trying to air layer it this coming spring. It really is too easy!

Chill brings the camelias

One of the joys of living in an old house is having old plants. These are a few of the camelias on our property.

This is why

This is why you need a Red Maple in your yard. You have to love the Fall!

To the right you see the Yellow Jessamine that i have been layering and have 12 baby plants growing like wild fire. Also behind the Red Maple you see my "hobby" - the hedge row. Uh.