Monday, August 29, 2011

Late August

I haven't cut the backyard since about July 4th. The fig bush is kissing the ground near the parking area. The centipede in the side yard is fading slowly away. It is dry. Water has fallen out of the sky several times. The kittens and i didn't know what it was. We know that rain splashes and refreshes everything - haven't seen that in a long while. The sunny border is watered deeply once every 10 days or so, just because it's easy to reach and highly visible to everyone driving through town.

The Redbuckia Dasiy LOVES the heat.
 The Mandevilla Vines are finally blooming. It has been a weird year for them.
Do they peter out after a year or two?
 The Guara was chopped to 6 inches in July. It's back better than ever.
 The geranium that is in partial shade is doing great - the one in full sun is weak and thin. I won't show it.
 In the nursery bed the crape mrytle clippings that are covered are doing okay. i hope a few make it - This is the whole reason i started following everyone's blogs in the first place. I really want these to live.
 These four rabbit foot ferns were one really over grown plant last year. They will be sulking in the basement this winter. They love the heat in the shade.
 The rhizomes look like a little baby squirrel crawled up in the pot and died, i think that every time i see them.
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crape Mrytles in the Nursery Bed

 This is the Nursey Bed. I chose this spot because it is in light shade all day long. I don't think this area get full sun at any point unless it is right about sunset - and even then only for about 10 minutes.
 At the bottom in the front are last year's camelia air layerings. In the back left are several red maple starts that I also air layered. To the back right and under the plastic bubbles are some crape mrytle cuttings that are actually sprouting! I can't believe it. I tried soft wood cuttings which all rotted immediately. I tried hard wood cuttings that sprouted inside but slowly died. Janie over Obsessed Compulive Gardener suggested waiting until the soil was at 70 degrees or better. Well - she knew what she was talking about, because I took these cuttings after a good rain about 3 weeks ago, and some are really growing.
 This is the side yard between our house and the neighbor. It seems exposed and empty. I have been air layering camelias for several years building up a supply so that I can get them spaced out and in the ground.
 Here is a longer shot down the hill. A low chin link fence runs down the middle, but it just feels exposed and a little too close for comfort. Our neighbors are great but he is not in the best health. I am afraid they will sell quickly and we might not enjoy a dog barking or having neighbors staring at us all afternoon long. I need to get planting and mulching.
 We don't do much outside these days. School started this week so I have been working on my classroom, and it is so hot, humid, and dry that nothing is growing anyway the backyard has not been cut for 4 weeks - looks okay though. Jack goes out - does his business - and is ready to head back inside - me too!
This foxtail fern LOVES the heat - I have the pot inside another pot so it stays moist. Did I say ... LOVES IT!
I did find one thing blooming in the yard. This is a minature rose that my wife got as a Mother's Day present 10 or 12 years ago. It happily lives in the border beside the parking area, in dappled sunny shade. It is about 6 inches tall. I have such bad luck with roses I try not to mess with it too much.

I hope you guys have a great weekend.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Making Lasagna Beds for the Fall

Since August has come it seems a little cooler ahead here, so i have been working on layering some beds for future planting plans. I have Baptisia Alba coming for the White Garden in the Circle yard. More on that when they come in from Bluestone Perennials.
I am trying Yellow Knockout Roses along the driveway. That area is in dappled shade and will not get much moisture because the tree roots are everywhere along the low wall beside the driveway. The fountain near the drivewway failed so we replace the pump and the soft splashing makes that area sound moist and cool - whether it is or not.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunny Border first week of August

July was hot and dry, and not much was blooming or growing around here. The Shasta Daisies cooked and something ate the flower buds off of all the rubekia daisies so they didn't bloom for a long time. The mandevilla have been very slow, and we are just now getting buds on only one plant, i have been very disappointed.