Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What is this mystery plant?

It comes up every Spring. It has beautiful leaves and i let it go until it completely dies back each year. We've been here at the house 16 years and i have never seen it bloom at all. I tried fertilizing once but it didn't make any difference. By June the follage will turn brown and die back. If anyone has any ideas about what this thing is or what i could do different let me know. I would dig it up and be done with it - but this is a historic house and it might be a something wonderful and old - yes, Jim another rescued plant.

I'll try to post again when i can pry the laptop from my daughter's hands. Happy Gardening guys!

I've been missing you

apparently we caught a virus (dam Facebook!) i can read your posts - but i cannot post anything. I am currently on my daughter's laptop and she doesn't like it.

Here's what's been going on here at Pinewood Cottage Gardens.
Cleaned and moved some things around in the front sunny border. I like the knockout roses ...

we found some peonies and we're trying them for the first time. We have been working on turning the Circle Yard into a white garden - i put in some impatients. Winter was a little tough here in SC this year - we had freezing temperatures too many days. Daddy's little basket barrier sculpture didn't fair so good.

We have ordered some white peonies and some lavender from Wayside Gardens ( really just to support the local business ) they are only about 15 miles from us here. We went there - the parking lot is full of employees and they are landscaping the flower beds - i think they're going to be okay.

The azaleas are blooming... It did rain last week and the pollen took it hard - but it's back - and it's mad! The old black chairs that sit on the porch all the time are nasty as is the rest of the porch. We got some asparagus ferns and hanging baskets on the porch. Despite all of it - Life is good!