Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunny Border - the first week of June

 The Sunny Border has really filled in nicely. The Shasta Daisies are really popping - the white makes the bed look great from the street. The knock-out roses are reblooming. The no-name yellow daylilies are blooming.

 The Sea Holly is still going strong - i love the blue color which does not show up good in my photos.
The Enchinecia Green Envy is almost four feet tall. I guess two shovels full of Black Kow didn't hurt. Last year this plant did nothing. I still don't think i got what was advertised in the catalog. But it is great. I like it. Here's a closer look.
The mandilla vines are growing and have made it to the tops of the string - within the week they will start to pull themselves up onto the obelisks, then start blooming - i'm ready for it.
At the end of the border in the white garden the yarrow in beginning to bloom, this was a pass-along from the mountains by way of the Methodist minister's wife.
 Turning around and looking back toward the street this is what i see from the yard. Not too shabby!

School is out! and i am ready to spent the month of June in the garden. I have spent several years adding things to this front bed - but - i have neglected the goldfish pond and it's yard, as well as the whole shady back fence line. I will have to air my dirty laundry another day.

Have a great weekend.