Saturday, June 27, 2015

Driveway Border

 Here's what's blooming in the Driveway Border right now.

 "Turk's Cap" lily - about 5 feet tall - leaning gracefully.
 Echinops Ritro near the top of the driveway - I think it wants more sunlight.
Urns leading down into the driveway yard - White petunias, chartreuse sweet potato vine, vinca, and dracaena Spikey Plant.  
I have big plans for this yard. Sky pencil hollies have been planted to hide the AC units and the dogwood tree and large clump of aspidistra Cast Iron plant (to left behind wall) are to be replaced with a living wall of sky pencil holly. I have about 20 cuttings rooted, ready and waiting for cooler raining days this fall to get into the ground.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Baptisia 'Blue Towers'

Baptisia can also be rooted from stem cuttings. Cuttings are genetically identical to the plant that provided them, which ensures the preservation of desirable characteristics such as unusual stem or flower color. Be aware that many new Baptisia cultivars are patented and cannot be legally grown from cuttings or other clonal propagation methods.
Most baptisias root easily in spring when the growth is still relatively soft, but the success rate drops as the stems harden. Good cutting material can generally be found in late April to early May. Cuttings should be taken so that at least one set of leaf buds can be inserted below the potting mix surface. Dip cutting in a rooting hormone and insert into a mix of 3 parts composted bark to 1 part peat. Keep humidity around cuttings high with a supported plastic tent. Cuttings should root in about 8 weeks.
Division or transplanting of Baptisia is difficult because of their deep woody root system and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.
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