Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from Pinewood Cottage - 1966 Aluminum Christmas Tree

     My daughter is excited that all total we have 9 trees up and lit this year. I am excited about this little tree. It is my tree from 1966. It is a 6 foot aluminum tree that I received when I was one and half. I saved the tree this Summer from my mom's attic, as we have been cleaning out her house to sell. The box was in really bad shape, but the tree branches were still in their protective sleeves so the tree is great shape. To answer the question that I know everyone might be thinking - no we did not have the rotating light to change the color of the tree. 
     I have always dreamed of "Martha Stewart-izing" this tree. I chose a silver and white theme, and I think it looks great. Thank You Home Depot. My children have never seen this tree so they have been interested and have helped me decorate it this year which pleases me greatly. Don't know why the camera thinks it's 2008? 

Below is my picture in about 1969. I have other photos from earlier years displayed under the tree in the photo above. This aluminum tree was "my" tree. A child of the 60's I had this tree. I remember getting robots and my favorite toy of ALL time... my GI Joe and his silver astronaut suit. Apparently the late 60's were the metallic years.  

I hope everyone has a Shiny Bright Christmas this year. 
Merry Christmas from Pinewood Cottage. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Today in the Garden

Today was my day to air layer the pink perfection camellia. I spent an hour or two and got 30 potential new camellias started. I will not clip them until much cooler weather in late October or even in November. When the weather cools down they root. Air Layering takes patience. For my tutorial on how I air layer click here.
Last week I tried to strike some cuttings of dogwood, gardenia, tulip tree, and hydrangea. Sad to say that the dogwood and tulip tree cuttings rotted away. The gardenia all took and have healthy roots and no leaf damage at all.
About half of the hydrangeas took, which is better than zero. I am amazed.
Does anyone else try to fill in the holes in the garden by propagating plants you already have?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Visiting the Biltmore House Gardens in June

 Up the road to Asheville we went
 The Biltmore House is the nearest thing to the Grand Estates we have here in the South
 Imagine that this is your front yard

 and this is your back yard

 here is one side yard
 Italian Garden with ponds

 looking back at the house from the ponds

 After a quick walk through specimen trees here is the entrance gate into the walled garden
 Huge border of coleus of various colors

 I am not a big red fan. In our heat red just makes you hotter, but this little rose was pretty here in its spot

 tiny teacup magnolia
 white clematis climbing the wall
 well done low pot
 whatever this plant is it was everywhere and I loved it

 This is the bottom of the walled garden with a patio leading into the conservatory

 what contrast
 One whole side of the walled garden was a White Border so you know I was Oooing and Ahhhing
 hydrangea limelight

 never did figure out what this plant was but I want some - does anybody out there know what this plant is?
 white astillbe
 Oak leaf hydrangea
finally at the end of all that hot walking we were able to enjoy the shade of the wisteria as we walked to the Stables Cafe for a lovely lunch. Bleu cheese on a burger and Chicken salad croissant. One Christmas ornament and several bottles of lovely wine and we were off.


On our way home we stopped at the Carl Sandburg House National Historic Site in Flat Rock NC. Got several books for my classroom and some lesson plans and trip information from the nicest park rangers ever. All in all it was a great day trip - hot as the devil - but a great trip.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Present to Myself

I bought myself a present from Bluestone Perennials. The box came packed full of all the goodies that I had suffered over in the catalog for several weeks. UPS doesn't seem to share my tender feelings for little plants. One side of the box had been dropped kicked, and most of the dirt had been throw out into the bottom of the box but luckily Bluestone packs the plants with this treatment in mind. 
Here they all are not really any worse for the wear. A hydrangea for the White Garden, a free plant called Echina Ritro or something like that, looked like an alium in the catalog; two salvia, and three agastache for the Sunny Border.
 Below is Agastache Blue Fortune, long and leggy - I did end up pinching them to thicken them up.
 Salvia May Night below, a dark purple flower that looked too good to pass up.
Fianlly Hydrangea Wedding Gown is an all white, repeat blooming lacecap. I have high hopes for this one. The dark corner of the White Garden stays shady all day, so I hope the hydrangea makes it out there in the hot shade.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day May 2013

 Clematis in the White Garden

The White Garden is beginning to take shape, more about that later. 
 This is the first year the white peony has bloomed. It smells divine. 

Red peony Karl Lagerfeld just outside the White Garden.

 Blue salvia pinched to thicken it up, budding and ready to bloom. 

Double Pink Knockout Rose in the Sunny Border. Loaded with buds.