Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My first attempt leads to plots and plans

     This is my first attempt at growing anything other than perennials. This is an heirloom seed for dipper gourds used to dip water from a bucket dropped down into a well. My long range goal across the street at the historic property at which I now volunteer is to create a small fenced in kitchen garden. I have located wooden split rail fencing at the local big box home and garden store, I think I can fence in the small yard behind the Old Kitchen for about a hundred dollars. 

     By growing these gourds I have discovered that the light is not the same on both sides behind the Old Kitchen (c late 1830s). The right side gets sun all day, the left side only gets light from noon to sundown.
There is a huge difference in how the gourds have grown. One side is 12 feet high and hanging with gourds, the other side is barely knee high. 

     This winter I hope to sell the dried gourds to raise money for the garden projects. Would you give a five dollar donation to help restore the gardens at a historic property? i am hoping people will, as a keepsake from their tour of the mansion. 
     Next Spring I need to get the seeds started much earlier, which is hard to do when you are teacher as I am. Spring is a busy season for me. I also have decided to get some 12 foot posts and grow the vines up on wire mesh - high and up off the ground makes the handles long and straight. I have all this winter to plot and plan. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Loved and Spoiled

Our neighbor came by to say a sweet goodbye to Jack. They have been so kind the last couple of years to come over and walk Jack for us during the day when we are at school. They even put dog bones on the front porch for him to "find" when they took him out. Jack - loved and spoiled by so many folks.

We don't talk about it - but it will happen soon.