Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day in the Front Yard

 The Gardenia at the back corner of the house is really putting on a show this year.
 Here is a view I don't normally show, from the driveway looking back to the porch and on to the Sunny Border in the back ground.
 Here are two shots of the Sunny Border from the sidewalk.

 The Red Knockout is reblooming. Behind you see the Shasta Daisies and Yellow Daylilies.
 Echinaceia Green Envy.
Shasta Daisy Becky.
White Mandevilla beginning to bloom.
 This is the third year for the peonies, next year hopefully they will bloom.
 The Clematis Snow Queen is coming back quickly from my hard pruning.

Here is the gate going from the White Garden into the Gondfish Pond Yard. The local photographer recently used this setting for a bridal portrait. I was really pleased that she liked it, and the picture was beautiful.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

English Pillars added at the White Garden

 Here is the front yard from the sidewalk. At the rear is the entrance into the White Garden. Below you can see the new 7 ft tall English Pillars that I have added for the Artic Queen Clematis.
 Isn't there a saying about planting Clematis..."face in the sun, but feet in the shade." They seem to like it out here and I think they will show up great from the street.
Below you can see the buds coming back quickly from where I bit the bullet and pruned the plant back.
Here is the bloom that I had to prune away. I think the pillars are much nicer than the tomato cages I was using. We have a friend - the local photographer - who uses the yard for engagement and bridal portraits. I am hoping she really likes the White Garden.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunny Border May 2, 2012

 I squeezed in several blue Salvia plants that were in the back yard and kept reaching for the sun. We've got alot of sun out here ladies, good luck!
 I pinched them off hard in hopes they will fill out and be lush and cool looking come this Summer.
 The white mandevilla are growing like gang busters. I can already see some flower buds forming. They should be beautiful.
 The Shasta Daisies are just about to pop. May is going to be their month. the close up below shows it, they are ready.

 I still love the pink Knock Out rsoes. they don't seem to do as well as the yellows or reds, but i still love them the most.
Finally, my first Peony bloom. I cannot wait.