Thursday, January 21, 2010


Jack had a spell yesterday. It really has made me worry about him. He couldn't stand up and acted so weird. He seemed to be unable to breathe, i had to hold his head up for him. He was a rescue - so he has a soft spot in my heart anyway. He is not a lovey dovey dog, likes to be close - but not in your lap or anything. After he got composed we went out and sat on the front porch in the sun and he leaned against me for a long time, which is not typical. He seems fine now though. We think they will last forever...

New Growth on the Manedilla

I have been amazed with this clipping. I took 7 or 8 clippings off of the most vigorous vine we had. All but this one died almost immediately. This one did nothing for several months. Then the roots started teasing me, and now there are shoots forming fast. I'm going to have to pot this thing up pretty soon, but a really enjoying looking at the roots. Beside the old milk bottle you see one of the layerings that i tried to start. One is alive but has not grown a bit. The other little thing died last week sometime.

This corner of the kitchen is also where the orchids live. The window faces East and get morning sun. By noontime the sun has moved and the light is bright but indirect light. They all seem very happy. I have had several to rebloom, and everyone says if you can get orchids to rebloom the spot is perfect. Bless their hearts - they get no attention.