Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Frances

 Tuesday May 17th is my Mama's birthday. She was born in 1927, and is 84 years old. We had a big party when she turned 80, so this so just a small get-together.

Mama's baby sister Joanne came with her son James.

My dad's brother Thomas came with his girl friend, Mary Ann.


We all met at a small restaurant downtown, The Talk-of-the-Town.
 The art teacher at my school makes cakes. She fixed this basket of flowers for me, as a surprise for my mom.
 Chicken Casserole, green beans, broccoli salad, cucumber salad.
It looks like she is enjoying herself.
She looks pretty good for 84 don't you think?
Happy Birthday Mama!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunny Sunday

 The Sunny Front Border mid-May. I forgot I had moved that one odd Day Lily to make room for the sea-holly. I like it right there in front. It shows up better. The Stella-de-Oro day lilies are in full bloom. The knock-out roses are in between bloomings.
 A nice arrangement.
 The is the unnamed day lily, more to come.
 Enchinaceia Green Envy ready to bloom. Last year it looked like any other old plant so they may have shipped the wrong thing.
 Stella-de-Oro - it just gets better with age.
 The mandevilla are almost to the tops of the string. They are doing great after being over-wintered in the basement.
 This fern just came up several years ago. It seems to like the full sun - so i say 'you go girl.'
 The yarrow is beautiful in person but it look SO bad in pictures. The ivy globe that the little boy carried last fall seems to have come undone.
The guara is off and running. It really does like the hot sun.
We got a lot that. Have a great week.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunny Border in early May

The Sunny Front Border has really come to life in the last week or so. The weather has been hot and dry - no rain for at least 2 weeks and temps in the low 90's, which is hot for us during May. 
The Mandevilla are reaching up the wall, by June they will be there. 
The Sea Holly - blue glitter - is really coming into its own this year. The photo doesn't do it justice - it shines in a metallic blue color. i like it - I'm going to have to buy some more from Wayside Gardens. At the bottom you can see my Y shaped stick used to prop up the leaning tower of Sea Holly. Plant supports need to be added to my list of things needed at Lowe's. 
The heat has not made the Shasta Daisies mad. They are just busting at the seams to get started. It is sprinkling this morning, so things are happy.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Presents for myself

     I am still working on the White Garden. I found Bluestone Perennials while reading one of your followers post. I was impressed with the website and ordered several white baptisia and two white clematis. Sorry to say the baptisia was back ordered to the Fall - but the little clematis came and are growing already.

     They look so little I am afraid to throw them out in the ground already. What do you do when you have such a little transplant? I am thinking about potting them so I can protect them a little while.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunny Border and Rose ID

     The Easter Bunny left me some pinestraw in the front Sunny Border. A teacher friend told me that some of the Shanta Daisies that we shared with her are coming back! She was so surprised. I am glad to share the love of the perennials I have collected here. 
     The other day my neighbor came across the street and asked me to show him how to air layer his tea olive bushes. He wants to have them placed at all four corners of his yard - so that he can catch the smell no matter where he is in the yard. I was proud that he remembered me airlayering some things from his yard. Passing the torch, so to speak.
     One day I hope to take the Master Gardener Certification - and I think I know what my emphasis will be - air layering for success in propagating plants. I already have an idea what public service project I will take on, but that will need to be discussed later.

    In the backyard around the parking pad we have what I think are New Dawn roses. They only bloom once, but are prolific when it's their time. They have a light scent, and are powder pink. The canes grow really long, and are loaded with thorns. I prune this one back hard twice a year.

     Anybody have any thoughts? I got these roses from my wife's grandfather's garden - they moved here in 1930. So I think it could be a New Dawn rose but i don't know enough about roses to be sure. 
Let me know what you think this rose is. Have a great week! David