Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A quick look at the Sunny Border and White Garden

This azalea is planted near the front steps - pardon the A flag.
The sunny border is slowly waking up. The border grass that was cut after MLK Day is energized. The knockout roses were cut to knee high are also back and ready for action this year.

Here are the peonies at the end of the Sunny Border. They are coming back so healthy. I hope they like hot and dry - because they are going to get a lot of that this July and August.

From left to right - White, Pink with yellow center, and Red
Below is the opposite side of the walk way. To the left you see the new white camellia Man Sized that we got in Washington, Ga. I think it might look really good there. What do you think?

Italian Arum - so beautiful - twice a year.
This hosta is in the White Garden - I like it.
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend in Washington, Georgia

     This weekend my wife took me on an over night trip to Washington, Ga for a relaxing stay at a Bed and Breakfast. We left Friday morning as school was out for a snow day holiday that we didn't have to use. We got there and both had scheduled a deep tissue massage at the local massage therapy place. One
hour of relaxation - I was done for the weekend -  everything else was icing on the cake.

     The Bed and Breakfast had wine and cheese for us on the veranda when we got checked in late that afternoon. We found several camellia arrangements in our bedroom.
We ate at several nice restaurants downtown and did a lot of shopping and found some treasures for the family. I found a white camellia for the white garden, and my wife found a maiden's hair fern that she really loved.
     Washington, Ga is rich with history and many, many beautiful homes and public buildings. We found out that the local library had Tiffany windows so we made a side trip. The original front doors were quite interesting.
The Mary Willis Library was built after her death as a memorial and gift to the town by her father. The Windows were made at the Tiffany Factory at New Haven.

Mary Willis is pictured in the central panel, St Peter is shown in the left panel, and William Shakespeare is shown in the panel to the right.
Below is the Maiden's Hair Fern
and Camellia Japonica Man Sized

Monday, March 14, 2011

... they're back!

This is the Circle Yard. I envision a white garden. A cool area, dripping with white fox glove, gardenia, white roses, and all sorts of dark green lushness. What I have is a dry, sun baked patch of scratchiness. At the bottom left of the photo - right above the little concrete edging you can see the peonies are coming back! I have never had peonies. I have a lot of hope pinned on two of them - they are supposed to be large and white forming the entrance to the white garden.
This is a white...
This one is pink with a yellow center...
These are deep red - the pink and red are placed outside of the white garden. I'm so hopeful I have already put the support structure up to hold all their masses of glorious beauty!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A trip around the backyard

This forsythia is at the turning point of the driveway.
This is the Pink Perfection Camellia that i have taken so many air layerings from. I am trying to build up enough to go all the way down the fence line. This camellia has an upright growth habit and has been very disease resistant since I have lived here.
This unknown camellia is down in the "waydown", and is overflowing with flowers.
This is a favorite of everyone who braves the trip to the "waydown". They call it peppermint stripe, i don't know its correct name, it's just a camellia that we inherited.
This camellia needs to be air layered and put into work along the fence line also. The picture seems light - the flowers really look red in real life.
The Linten Roses have put on a show for the Season of Lent. These are old hellebores from a famous local garden that was dismantled by a local doctor and then funeral home. This one is white.
I think these purple are my favorite.
These are kind of a mix - slightly white purples. Behind them you see the fence where i hope to plant a long row of camellias soon. That brick structure is the laundry for the house. Inside is a huge black iron "bowl" big enough to take a bath. Under it a fire was built and the laundry was boiled. You can see the little chimney there. The house dates to about 1882.
Here's a close up view.
Like my daughter, this little gal never tires of reading, she is usually shaded by hostas, but they haven't awakened yet.
Finally, here's a shot of narcissus, with Italian Arum coming right behind it to hide their slow dying that comes later.
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Orchid Portraits

This is the rescued orchid that was basically dead.
She's doing good now!
This little yellow orchid has really impressed us this year.
This is the oldest orchid we have - it will have larger white blooms. The healthy stem looks promising.