Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Ginko Tree

Coming home I saw "The Ginko Tree" was in it's full glory. I never seem to be quick enough to get a photo. This time I was determined. The tree is on North Main Street and only stays in color for about 2 days - then every leaf will drop off all at once. We always say "let's remember to get a picture", this year we got it!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Only Thing Growing

It is mid-November, the temps are moderate - 30 at night rising to 65 or 70 each afternoon. Not much is growing now. The rye grass likes it. The only thing really growing in the garden right now are the Knock Out Roses.
This one is a shade of red. There are two soft pink Knock Outs that are still settling in this year. They are not wasting energy blooming. The flower beds have been cleaned out, pruned back, and put to bed for Winter.
Jack and I sat on the Porch all Sunday afternoon soaking in the warm sunshine. It feels so good. I think about it all week long - it me gets through. 
Here's the front door. My wife enjoys decorating it each season, and people always comment on the door. We find it funny. Under all those leaves there is a grapevine wreath that we made twenty years ago wrapping the vines around an old wash tub that her grandmother had hanging around on the back wall under the steps.
It is funny how long we have used that one afternoon's worth of work, and how many times that wreath has been reinvented. The screen door sags and has some cracks - i guess if i was 130 i would sag and been cracked too.
Here's the house today - i don't know why the camera thinks it's Halloween. The leaves are still on the trees and the light is still good, Winter has not come here  yet. The annual rye grass is waiting for rain.
On a personal note - we won Property of the Month. We live in a small town and they reward follks who take the time to try and improve their surroundings. We received a nice little certificate and letter from the mayor - I don't garden for this reason... but it is nice to have your efforts acknowledged.
Have a great week guys.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Garden Magic

Air Layering is ... garden magic.
Mid - Spring, wounded and bandaged...
By Late - Fall, fifteen Pink Perfection Camellias, three Japanese Maples, one red Camellia from a neighbors yard. I have lots of patience - I'll see who is still alive in the Spring.

Garden Magic

This is the garden's magic,

That through the sunny hours

The gardener who tends it,

Himself outgrows his flowers.

He grows by gift of patience,

Since he who sows must know

That only in the Lord's good time

Does any seedling grow.

He learns from buds unfolding,

From each tight leaf unfurled,

That his own heart, expanding,

Is one with all the world.

He bares his head to sunshine,

His bending back a sign

Of grace, and ev'ry shower becomes

His sacramental wine.

And when at last his labors

Bring forth the very stuff

And substance of all beauty

This is reward enough.