Thursday, January 21, 2010


Jack had a spell yesterday. It really has made me worry about him. He couldn't stand up and acted so weird. He seemed to be unable to breathe, i had to hold his head up for him. He was a rescue - so he has a soft spot in my heart anyway. He is not a lovey dovey dog, likes to be close - but not in your lap or anything. After he got composed we went out and sat on the front porch in the sun and he leaned against me for a long time, which is not typical. He seems fine now though. We think they will last forever...


  1. He is a sweet dog. I hope he stops having those spells. I have always admired the standard poodles out there and they see like such good companions. It looks like you take good care of him.

  2. David, I hope your dog is feeling better. We had one once that developed kidney failure due to the pet food (never did hear anything back on that), plus a seizure disorder. They quickly become a part of the family.

  3. thanks for asking about Jack guys - he seems to be fine... sleeps in his chair all day long. When i took him outside yesterday, he got great enjoyment in teasing the cats. i think he's back to his old self.