Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunny Border

My saved Mandevilla plants have successfully made in through the Winter, and have been placed back into the front Sunny Border. They grow about as fast as kudzu so - they are doin' fine! I'm so proud. 
Here's a close up shot showing how healthy they are -
i think the black cow will make them happy too.
The knockout Rose i got for my birthday last year is doing good - this one is a lighter pink that i got from the clearance rack at the end of Summer last year. I love the soft pink. I'll be curious to see how they like the hot sun this summer. 
Here's one of the new peonies we are trying out. I've never attempted to grow peonies - they seem so hard according to what conditions need to be prepared. I know one thing - they are loving the bright sun in the front bed. I hope they like hot and dry July.
This planter is at the bottom of the steps leading into the new White Garden in the Circle Yard.
This guara plant didn't do that great last year, this year it is singing loudly. Below is close up.
 Finally our newest addition, Hosta June. The bright green looks good in the White Garden, it really shines out from the shadows. I bought it downtown at our Spring Festival - i love to have memories attached to plants.


  1. So what was your technique for holding over the mandevillas? I've tried in the past without much success... Larry

  2. Larry - a friend told me to let them die back, cut them to an inch or so from the ground, dig them up and keep them in the basement during the Winter. They looked terrible - but now they are happy and going like gang busters!

  3. I love the way you've attached the tuteur to the post of the wall...very clever!

  4. I have enjoyed your blog so much David. I found you through the Bach,to whom I am related. Your home and garden are gorgeous. Oh, if only I could grow camellias up here as you do in the south. I have progated a few other plants myself. How is Mr. Bagwell's rose bush doing? Did it make it? I truly hope so. Your blog has encouraged me to never give up and keep hope alive!

    Lady D

  5. Lady D - thanks for your encouraging comments. I have not given up on the rose from Mr. Bagwell's Curiosity Shop. It did sprout and there were some leaves - but no root buds or roots ever formed. Then mold started. As a last ditch effort i have all the sticks in a shady pot in the yard hoping that maybe one might sprout and make it. I'll keep you posted.

  6. Great blog. I just found it this morning, and plan on readign some more, but just had to let you know, I am in z6, and I have had peonies for over 30 years. I find they are absolutely no trouble. A lot of people grow them in hoops to prevent the drooping branches after a rain, but I dont even bother with that.They are also easy to divide for more plants. Check out mine on my blog:

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  8. thanks Tammy - I hope my peonies are as beautiful and as carefree as yours are. thanks for sharing your nice comments.