Sunday, June 20, 2010

Back from the beach

My family has been going to the same condo at Garden City, SC since the 1980's. It is neat to now be taking my children to the same place where i went when i was younger. The Condos look better than they ever did. They survived hurricane Hugo and the whole area has really recovered nicely. The condos face Murrel's Inlet on the back side. This is a pristine ecosystem, where much of the seafood eaten locally comes from. My son spent most of his time fishing with buddies his age. I tried to empress on him how special this area of the state is and how terrible it would be if toxic oil were put into the oyster beds. Crabs and the fish are plentiful - it really is a beautiful alive area.
Since many of you are into architecture like i am i thought you might like to see the "spaceship" house that is next door to the condos. I've never seen anyone there - the local marina owner said that once the owner came and took him into the house. Said he made him take off his shoes - it was a time capsule back into the 70's - shag carpet avacado appliances, a real trip!
These birds are everywhere around the area. The bright tip of orange on their wing is the only nice thing about them - you can see that he is not the least bit worried about me.
A sego palm in bloom.
The camera really didn't do justice to the beautiful dark purple hydrangea plantings.
This close up looks blue - but was rich purple.
The landscaping is full of these oliander plants these are approximately 8 to 10 feet high.
This little flower is everywhere and grows and thrives wild. The camera really did capture the brightness of these flowers - they were just that bright.
I think i might have to get a hibiscus and give it a try - so beautiful!
We had a great relaxing time - I hope the area isn't transformed by oil the next time i get to go there. Forecasters have said that if the oil in the gulf gets around Florida it would head straight up the east coast to Ga, and SC. I really hope not.

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  1. These are such wonderful photos. The area looks great as a place to relax. The yellow hibiscus is stunning. I am glad you did have a great time. Vacations need to be just that.