Friday, June 8, 2012

What i did today

During the warm months I have to trim the hedge row once a month. If I do it the job is really not so bad. I call it my hobby.
 First I trim along the long edge at the top. Then using long curving arches I trim the sides from the bottom to the top. The last thing I do is bring out the rolling scaffolding and flatten out the top which is no easy task.
This last photo shows the final product after I rake up all the debris and I also had to cut the grass in that yard. This photo really doesn't do it justice. The hedge is at least 50 feet long and trimmed and finished it is 6 feet tall on our side of the fence.


  1. Would you like to come and trim mine?

  2. i enjoy cleaning up - painting rooms, cutting grass, trimming the hedges. I think teachers need to see an end product since what we do is so abstract.

    when I turn 50 (in 2 years) I plan on having the hedge taken out - it is too much work. plus privey hedge has a yeast or pollen that gets into your eyes - my eyes kind of swell the next day.

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