Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My 100th Post

One Hundred Photos for my 100th Post!

 Pot by the Front Steps with spikes, Million Bells

 Sunny Border July 31, 2012 - hot and dry

 waining Knock Out Rose
 Blue Salvia - new to the front yard but doing great!
 Rudbeckia loves loves loves the heat.

 Lirope is blooming
 White Mandevilla

 Shasta Daisy
 Angelonia Serena White
 Hosta Frances Williams
Here is the view I usually get from the the yard looking out to the Sunny Border and across to the Jeffereson Davis Park across the street. It is nice having a city park directly in front of your house, makes the yard seem alot bigger doesn't it?
 Here's another shot
 Here is the White Garden. It's coming along nicely. Can you see that to the right I am losing the evergreens. I am thinking it's a good thing. I want to pull them out and put in White Hydrangea bushes, maybe Annabelle or Sykes Dwarf. I haven't decided. I am also considering putting in landscape roses Iceberg white.
 Peonies and clematis - which is not doing great - might be too hot and dry out here in the front.
 The back of the White Garden going down into the backyard. The ferns have done great here this year.
 Camellia Man Size - pure white blooms.
 Notice the red string and the aluminum foil wrapping - I am air layering that branch so next year there will be two white camelia bushes out here.
 Creeping Jenny

 Rabbit Foot Fern LOVES the hot shade of the back yard.
 Rhysomes look like little furry legs.
 Here's the nursery bed - I rarely show it. Front left to right...
1 year old air layered camelias, Althea - White rose of Sharon under the plastic domes; 2 year old camelias dead crepe myrtle cuttings, and winter clipped Althea - 6 months old.
 Here are a few close up shots - oh forgot the two red maple air layers. Below are two year old camelias - They look great don't they?
 I have had zero success getting any crepe myrtle clippings to survive at all - it's sad because that's why I started blogging in the first place. Ahh.

 Garden Phlox

 Container Garden beside the Car parking pad.

 Red Maple in Middle Yard looking into the Back Yard and the bamboo in the Way Down Way Down.
 Here' s the same Red Maple looking back up the Drive Way.

Mophead Hydrangea in the Way Down -
they get NO water this far out. These shots are from the same plant. I need to pay these ladies a lot more attention. It's sad.

 Camelia Pink Perfection in the Back Yard - notice all the red string and aluminum foil? This Fall every one of those will be clipped and potted up. My goal is to have enough camelias to go completely down the side fence of the yard. My neighbors are older and will probably be selling within the next 3 to 5 years - I want to be ready for some self imposed privacy. That's why all the camelias.

 Bat Face - every body loves these - I'm not sold. Loves the heat though.

 Here is my favorite Pink Knock Out Rose for you.

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p.s. I you were counting I only got 43 photos
but it felt like one hundred didn't it?


  1. I counted every single picture! Your yard is even more lovely in person. True story.

    Happy 100th post!

  2. Happy 100th! Your plants look great. I'd love to have a park across the street from me. What is there now isn't very desirable.

  3. I know you are going to be busy with the new school year but thanks for not giving up on your blog. I have enjoyed visiting your home and garden.

    Carra-Marietta, Ga.