Monday, October 15, 2012

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day

 White Mandevilla is still blooming and growing like crazy. We have not had any frost, and probably won't for at least another month.

The Sunny Knockout Roses near the driveway are blooming right along. They get the early morning and the late evening sun so they are pretty happy. 

 The blue Salvia in the Sunny Border is still wowwing me. These plants were in the backyard and did nothing for several years. I decides to try some out front in the sun and have been so glad I did. The humming birds were pretty happy I moved them too. I think they have moved on South.

The Double Pink Knockout Roses are still blooming since the weather has cooled down. This is my favorite Knockout of all. I love the color and the cabbage rose shape. They will go until out first frost also, which will take place in the next few weeks. 

(Here is the uncropped photo from above. I thought you might enjoy seeing the roof line of my neighbor's house. The gingerbread is exquisite. That house (1882?)has been on that spot longer than our house has been on ours, but our house is older (1879) than the neighbor's house. Our house was rolled here from a block away in 1887 on logs. The town let school out that day so that the kids could come watch the house being moved.) Picture me in my tshirt, shorts and clogs freezing at 8:02am with the camera held way over my head because these camelias are about 8 feet off the ground. 
I really cannot believe that the camelias are already blooming. This is an unnamed camelia japonica near the Water Garden.

This is a camelia japonica Pink Perfection blooming in the center of the bush.
Miniature Rose

Pickeral Rush is still blooming in the goldfish pond. I don't show this garden much because it is such a neglected mess. 

Here you can see the Sunny Border and the annual Rye Grass in the front yard. Our soil here is extremely acidic (5.1) or something like that - years of ivy in the yard hurt the soil. We can't grow beautiful grass during the Summer, but rye grass doesn't seem to mind the acid so I will be cutting grass this Winter but we enjoy the look of a green yard for part of the year.

Have a Great GBBD!


  1. All your flowers look really great. I just realize my yellow rose which I though was a knockout, didn't bloom all year because of our heat. The camelia is something I can never grow but the flower is so remarkable in shape and color. It is great the few are doing so well. I too keep moving things out into the sun to get them to bloom. I moved day lilies a few weeks ago as they were just to shaded. Maybe next year they will return. Take care.

  2. We haven't had hummers for a about a week, guess they must be gone. Will leave the feeders up a little longer, just in case. Your Camellias are beautiful!! Just bought another one at Lowe's this week, can't have too many Camellias!
    Do you have a problem with the Pickerel Weed becoming invasive?

    1. Janet - if the Pickerel is invasive it sure is slow about it. I have several heritage plants from a old dismantled garden. Some of those plants are taking OVER! Mares Tail could grow on the moon.
      I love camellias. I'll save one of my air layered Pink Perfections for you.

    2. Wow!! how nice! thanks. I got my Mexican sage at Wyatt's. Would be happy to share in the spring when it is time to divide. (At least I think that is the time to divide....provided it makes it through the winter)

    3. i had a mexican sage once but it did not make through the winter here. it was beaustiful - i would love to get a division.

  3. Your flowers are beautiful! You can amend the soil to make it less acidic. PlantTone has products that will raise the pH. I really love your camellias. :o)

    1. thanks Casa - we have tried to put out composed manure and lime but not consistently.

  4. Those blue salvia are amazing. What a blue!!!