Sunday, May 3, 2015

Driveway bed in bloom

 Sunny Knock-Out roses are beginning to bloom and brighten up the dreary driveway area.
 Various shades of lemon yellow fading to lemon ice and then white.
 Fresh young yellow bud.
 Guara is just getting started too. Close up below.

 Wife's grandfather's rose blooming near wall.
 Planters are loaded and ready to begin the summer cascade.
Another blurry shot showing the wall and the driveway behind it.


  1. You've developed the driveway into a very pretty area.

    Is your wife's grandfather's rose New Dawn or Dr. Van Fleet? I am guessing based on the glossy dark foliage. Dr. Van Fleet blooms once. New Dawn reblooms. I have their related White Dawn, not as vigorous a grower.

    1. Nell Jean - that rose does only bloom once so it must be Dr. van Fleet, It is pale pink and has a pale fragrance too,