Friday, February 12, 2010

It's actually snowing!

I really cannot believe that it is actually snowing - here! The last time we got snow i think my children were 7 and 4. The tree is a dogwood and behind it you see my hobby - the hedge.

The weatherman had been saying all day long that we were going to get it - but we have seen chances come and go so many times we don't really believe until we are sliding off the road.

I got the students through the morning at school - had our Valentine's Party - and sent them on home. What a lovely day. This is a beautiful - slow - piling up - snow. No ice or sleet, just quiet floaty snow powder. Ummmm.

1 comment:

  1. Just enjoy. It really is a beautiful thing to have new snowfall. I worked on my sidewalks today and won't be able to walk in the morning but we were 28 degrees today and it felt good for us. Removing 20 inches of snow off the sidewalk was not so special.