Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rose Propagation - Baggy Method

I have wanted to get a cutting from this rose for a while but i always seem to be too busy in the Spring and don't think about it until in the heat of summer when nothing is growing around here. This rose is a dark red rose with a nice scent. It was planted next to a eucalyptus tree downtown near an antique and curiosity shop by the owner Mr. Bagwell - a local character - who has since past away.

The town has been redoing the whole street scape - with new sidewalks, landscaping, brick edging, etc. Someone decided to repave the patch next the shop and unceremoniously yanked up this rose and threw it behind the eucalyptus tree. Even though it is in the coldest part of winter here I took what i could salvage and I'm going to give these clippings my best shot.

Here's what I was able to cut from the victim...

got my bags and supplies ready...

Fixed some rooting hormone for extra insurance...

Dipped the cuttings, firmed the soil around the ends, and sealed the bags by inflating them before securing them closed.

I'll keep you posted if it works - I really hope so - I think Mr. Bagwell would be pleased if it does take.


  1. David, hope you have success with the rooting project. It would be an asset to any garden. A plant with a story to tell, it's history and it's rescue. - G

  2. Hey, it is nice to find your blog. I'm finally going to try propagating this year (you'd think after 15 years of gardening I would have already started) and roses are my favorite. Maybe you can teach me!

  3. Phillip - here's where i found the best info for trying the baggy method of starting roses.
    if i taught you how - it would be the blind leading the blind. thanks for your comments.