Monday, March 15, 2010

Lenten Roses from the Townsend Everett Garden

The Everett House is the last link to a locally famous garden known as the Townsend Everett Garden. Mrs. Townsend and Mrs. Everett were sisters who lived side by side and shared a large garden shaded by large Pecan trees. This is a current picture of the house with very little of the garden left.

Most of the space was lost to a funeral home for its' parking lot. Before it was cleared we were given the chance to get whatever we wanted. We took as many lenten roses as we felt we could. We also have some mares tale from the garden.


  1. They are beautiful and now I have to look these up on the net as I have never heard of them before. They are a great flower.

  2. Around here it's one of the first flowers of Spring. They start blooming close to the start of Lent - the 40 days before Easter. These are old flowers from the everett townsend garden... another rescued plant.

  3. What gorgeous flowers. They almost look like Balloon Flowers with longer stems.
    Thanks for brightening my day !