Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas at Pinewood Cottage

Here's a look at the house all decorated up for the Christmas season. We really enjoy putting out the garland, the bows, and the lights. We can actually do all this in about three hours. It only took 15 years to figure out the secrets... zip ties and cup hooks.
The front door gets thick, heavy garland and loads of lights. Through the door you can see all the way into the back of the central hall. The Pencil Tree is positioned to center in this door. 
Here's the Pencil Tree all decked out. Our ceilings are 11 1/2 feet tall so I guess the tree is 10 feet tall. This tree is usually all decked in silver and red balls and goes in the living room but this year it gets center stage.
Underneath the Pencil tree i fixed my childhood train set and the pieces we have in Snow Village. We seem to have alot more accessory pieces than houses. I really need to focus on getting these as gifts more often.

I love to sit and watch the train go round and round. It is strange having a toy from your childhood. It makes me think of my Daddy and brother who both died the same year ... 2001. I think if I collect enough houses to create a great village what joy it could bring grandchildren someday. I'm planning WAY ahead i guess. My children are 14 and 11, I think I still have time to collect.

Have a great holiday season.
I wish you all the warmest, Christmas cheer.


  1. Your homeplace looks so festive and inviting.
    I hear you on the figuring the quick ways of hanging garland and lights, it took me about five years to come up with a method, that didn't take an eternity.
    Love your pencil tree, I abandoned my fat tree several years ago, for a tall Alpine Tree, no furniture to move around either.
    I wish you a wonderul Christmas, may you be blessed.

  2. Your house and decorations are very beautiful. My father died in 2001 too.

  3. thanks Phillip - 2001 was not a good year for us

  4. Your house looked wonderfully decorated. I like the train idea but my train that I have from my childhood has no track. I have to work on that.