Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Three Snow Days ... and a lot of baking

Here in Abbeville we just don't get much snow. We had the Christmas Day snow, and now we have missed three days of school this week. Everybody is happy now, but they won't be so happy this Spring Break when they have to make all these days back up. It has been really beautiful. It is cold and this stuff refreezes really fast at night.

My carbs get low on snow days... i have to bake and keep my levels up, napping helps too. Homemade bisquits, pancakes, i'm considering dumplings, i think i have a problem.  

I got my Wayside Garden catalog - i am trying to not look at it, i have cabin fever really bad, and ordering massive amounts of perennials might help bring me out of it. Right?
This is the side yard in the front. It looks cold in those beds. I always cut my border grass on MLK day. I don't think I'll be cutting any of that grass on Monday. Below is a photo of the orchids in the kitchen. The window gets early morning bright light - then indirect light the rest of the day. I am so proud of these ladies reblooming! Last year the blooms lasted almost three months - it was amazing. 
Thanks for stopping by - have a great week.


  1. Have fun with that baking...Those are Phalaenopsis Orchids and they (if happy) will bloom one to three months every year and sometimes twice. You think you have a problem....I have sixty three of the those happy orchids:o/

  2. Beautiful, glad you have all you need in your home for snow days....winter makes me hungry too!

  3. My neighbor lady made fudge because of all our snow and she shared a plate full. I love those weaknesses. I don't know what to say about you not ever having much snow. I hope you do enjoy it for awhile. We are going to be 6 below tonight so our snow will not be melting soon. Take care.