Sunday, April 3, 2011

Primary Colors and what's happenning in the Backyard

At the front of the Sunny Border I have an area that is turning into a study in primary colors. Below is a sea holly which has thistle-like blue grey flowers. I have it sitting with a rosey red knockout rose and stella-de-oro daylilies. If the sea holly blooms this summer I could have red, yellow, and blue.
Here' s the real name for the
sea holly, blue glitter - Eryngium planum

Here's the knock out rose - lots of promising buds.
This is the view from the sidewalk, at the bottom of the picture you can see the stella-de-oros, the knockout, and the sea holly named blue glitter. I am hopeful.
This is the left side bed going into the white garden. This is the spot I have chosen for the Camellia - Man Sized. This area gets shade until noon, afternoon sun until about 5 then the ground is shaded by the HUGE boxwoods. I think the camellia will do fine here.
Here is the view from the boxwoods looking into the entrance of the white garden. To the right you can see the peonies, daddy's concrete boy with his ivy topiary ball, and in the back you can see the new hardy ferns that I brought from the water garden out here in front of the mahoneia. I think it is looking better all the time. What do you think?

Now to the backyard - and some messier business.

This area is what I call my nursery. It gets soft morning sun and then shade the rest of the day. This photo was taken about 8 a.m.
The snowdrops have grown up through the pots - but from last year's air layering I got 14 out of 18 camellias and 2 out of 3 red maples. Which I think is pretty good for one afternoon of work.
Below you see the plants that were overwintered in the basement, they were dragged out into the rain and sun every chance we got. There are three asparagus ferns in front, three mandevilla plants for the sunny border, and 5 rabbit-foot ferns which were divisions from a seriously over-grown pot.
Here's a close up of the mandevilla's growth. I am proud of these - this is the third year I have had them, and one of them I grew from a clipping that I took late in the summer, which is apparently hard to do successfully.
Finally here is the Carolina Wren who greets visitors to the front steps. This Spring put the sun at your face, the wind at your back, and enjoy your time in the garden.
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