Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A quick look at the Sunny Border and White Garden

This azalea is planted near the front steps - pardon the A flag.
The sunny border is slowly waking up. The border grass that was cut after MLK Day is energized. The knockout roses were cut to knee high are also back and ready for action this year.

Here are the peonies at the end of the Sunny Border. They are coming back so healthy. I hope they like hot and dry - because they are going to get a lot of that this July and August.

From left to right - White, Pink with yellow center, and Red
Below is the opposite side of the walk way. To the left you see the new white camellia Man Sized that we got in Washington, Ga. I think it might look really good there. What do you think?

Italian Arum - so beautiful - twice a year.
This hosta is in the White Garden - I like it.
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