Monday, August 29, 2011

Late August

I haven't cut the backyard since about July 4th. The fig bush is kissing the ground near the parking area. The centipede in the side yard is fading slowly away. It is dry. Water has fallen out of the sky several times. The kittens and i didn't know what it was. We know that rain splashes and refreshes everything - haven't seen that in a long while. The sunny border is watered deeply once every 10 days or so, just because it's easy to reach and highly visible to everyone driving through town.

The Redbuckia Dasiy LOVES the heat.
 The Mandevilla Vines are finally blooming. It has been a weird year for them.
Do they peter out after a year or two?
 The Guara was chopped to 6 inches in July. It's back better than ever.
 The geranium that is in partial shade is doing great - the one in full sun is weak and thin. I won't show it.
 In the nursery bed the crape mrytle clippings that are covered are doing okay. i hope a few make it - This is the whole reason i started following everyone's blogs in the first place. I really want these to live.
 These four rabbit foot ferns were one really over grown plant last year. They will be sulking in the basement this winter. They love the heat in the shade.
 The rhizomes look like a little baby squirrel crawled up in the pot and died, i think that every time i see them.
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  1. The plants that you featured today look great. Our lawn is crunchy when you walk on it in places. We haven't seen rain in quite sometime ourselves.

  2. Normally Iowa is hot and dry most of July and August and I am wishing I didn't bother to plant anything, but this year we just kept getting rain and just now my grass is saying it is done for the year. It will go dormant in a few weeks. Those things that like the heat seem to be doing very well.