Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crape Mrytles in the Nursery Bed

 This is the Nursey Bed. I chose this spot because it is in light shade all day long. I don't think this area get full sun at any point unless it is right about sunset - and even then only for about 10 minutes.
 At the bottom in the front are last year's camelia air layerings. In the back left are several red maple starts that I also air layered. To the back right and under the plastic bubbles are some crape mrytle cuttings that are actually sprouting! I can't believe it. I tried soft wood cuttings which all rotted immediately. I tried hard wood cuttings that sprouted inside but slowly died. Janie over Obsessed Compulive Gardener suggested waiting until the soil was at 70 degrees or better. Well - she knew what she was talking about, because I took these cuttings after a good rain about 3 weeks ago, and some are really growing.
 This is the side yard between our house and the neighbor. It seems exposed and empty. I have been air layering camelias for several years building up a supply so that I can get them spaced out and in the ground.
 Here is a longer shot down the hill. A low chin link fence runs down the middle, but it just feels exposed and a little too close for comfort. Our neighbors are great but he is not in the best health. I am afraid they will sell quickly and we might not enjoy a dog barking or having neighbors staring at us all afternoon long. I need to get planting and mulching.
 We don't do much outside these days. School started this week so I have been working on my classroom, and it is so hot, humid, and dry that nothing is growing anyway the backyard has not been cut for 4 weeks - looks okay though. Jack goes out - does his business - and is ready to head back inside - me too!
This foxtail fern LOVES the heat - I have the pot inside another pot so it stays moist. Did I say ... LOVES IT!
I did find one thing blooming in the yard. This is a minature rose that my wife got as a Mother's Day present 10 or 12 years ago. It happily lives in the border beside the parking area, in dappled sunny shade. It is about 6 inches tall. I have such bad luck with roses I try not to mess with it too much.

I hope you guys have a great weekend.

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