Monday, September 26, 2011

Alright all you stick stickers...what do i do now?

Alright all you stick stickers... what do i do now. i have two pots of OLD crepe mrytle clipppings alive and well under the plastic dome after the worst drought summer we have had in long time. Do I take the lids off of them now that the weather is cooler but still dry? Do I just leave the covers on them until next Spring when the soil warms up again? I don't have a clue.

This is the whole reason I started searching for ways to start crepe mrytle. I found Tom's blog Seventh Street Cottage. I never knew this whole blog world was out there. I had been trying to start these crepe mrytles from the old trees at the historic house across the road but i have never had any luck until now - i don't want to loose these. somebody has got to help me keep these precious few alive - i have no luck. any ideas?

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  1. I haven't a clue as our crapes self seed here and I have to yank them up. I'm sure Tom will answer your quesion.