Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day in the Front Yard

 The Gardenia at the back corner of the house is really putting on a show this year.
 Here is a view I don't normally show, from the driveway looking back to the porch and on to the Sunny Border in the back ground.
 Here are two shots of the Sunny Border from the sidewalk.

 The Red Knockout is reblooming. Behind you see the Shasta Daisies and Yellow Daylilies.
 Echinaceia Green Envy.
Shasta Daisy Becky.
White Mandevilla beginning to bloom.
 This is the third year for the peonies, next year hopefully they will bloom.
 The Clematis Snow Queen is coming back quickly from my hard pruning.

Here is the gate going from the White Garden into the Gondfish Pond Yard. The local photographer recently used this setting for a bridal portrait. I was really pleased that she liked it, and the picture was beautiful.

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