Saturday, May 12, 2012

English Pillars added at the White Garden

 Here is the front yard from the sidewalk. At the rear is the entrance into the White Garden. Below you can see the new 7 ft tall English Pillars that I have added for the Artic Queen Clematis.
 Isn't there a saying about planting Clematis..."face in the sun, but feet in the shade." They seem to like it out here and I think they will show up great from the street.
Below you can see the buds coming back quickly from where I bit the bullet and pruned the plant back.
Here is the bloom that I had to prune away. I think the pillars are much nicer than the tomato cages I was using. We have a friend - the local photographer - who uses the yard for engagement and bridal portraits. I am hoping she really likes the White Garden.

1 comment:

  1. They are very good looking and the clematis should do well on them. My one clematis has a peony bush at it's feet that seems to keep it happy. That is a wonderful clematis flower.