Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - August 15, 2012

I decided to try some close up shots with my little camera.
Some are better than others. Let me know what you think.
 Guara near the driveway - backlit early in the morning.

 Million Bells in a container by the front steps. 

 Peony foliage early in the morning.

Lirope blooms so pretty in August.

Fern near gate to the Water Garden

Feathery Folage of Yarro

Angelonia - Serena White

Rudbeckia I - early morning in shade

 Rudbeckia II - early morning in sun
I like this shot better

New growth on the Double Pink Knockout Rose frosty with early morning dew.

 Double Pink Knockout Rose
Blue Salvia - the humming birds are addicted.

 Red Knockout Rose - early morning sun near sidewalk.


  1. Beautiful!! I love your garden. :o) I'm sure that blue salvia is only big enough for one territorial hummer, regardless of how it actually is!