Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Plans for the White Garden

 Here is where we are ... thread bare and scraggly. Even the ivy looks tired. That's sad.  This yard is under two magnolia trees so the whole yard is in shade until about 2 pm after that it's bright sunshine until the sun sets.
 I like the placement of the scultpure - plus it was Daddy's. It is centered on that section of the brick wall and is directly opposite the stairs leading down from the house. It's good. The evergreens are thin and too big. The one to the left is dying for want of light I suspect. I am going to cut them off, and dig up the roots. After I amend the soil and improve it, that will leave me with a bed about 2 feet wide by 10 feet long, This will also allow more light in. I plan on putting in white shrub roses and Annabelle Hydrangeas. To the far right I am holding a special place for the air layered Man Size Camelia.
This photo shows the corner of the White Garden - see the same dead evergreen to the right? I think the shade will be good for hydrangea, especially out here where the afternoons can be stinking hot in July and August. There is nothing prettier than a larger hydrangea in bloom... and nothing sadder than one that is wilted from the sun.

I need suggestions for more white plants. I want this garden to be blooming white all year long. Anybody got any other ideas?


  1. I live in the wrong zone to suggest white anything. Your garden design is really great to see. You do great work. Your Daddy's sculpture is wonderful. It looks good there. You look pretty green even though I know you have been hot there.

  2. Thanks Larry - we have had consistent rain through July which has been great. I laughed when you said you wouldn't suggest anything white.