Saturday, April 13, 2013

Junior Prom comes to Pinewood Cottage

 Grace Anne
April 12, 2013
Junior Year
 at home

 gathering at the Burt Stark House

 my daughter with her best friends

 yes Miriam, it really is Grace Anne
into the limo and off they go
Uh, somebody is getting old and I don't think it is me.


  1. they grow up fast don't they? very pretty!

  2. Your daughter and her friends are all just precious. Thanks for showing us them.

    Now let's talk Philadelphus. Commonly called Mock Orange. Mama called it 'Flowering Dogwood' and hers was double and fragrant. I wish I could find some like that. Mine is single and has not the least bit of scent. It does bloom just after real dogwoods and lasts a while. Its only drawback is that it is deciduous, so the winter plant is kind of twiggy. It is graceful in leaf.

    What else can I tell you? I could send you some bareroot suckers in the winter. It suckers like crazy, not a bad thing in my world.

    1. Thanks Nell Jean I have heard of mock orange but didn't know that was what it looked like.