Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day May 2013

 Clematis in the White Garden

The White Garden is beginning to take shape, more about that later. 
 This is the first year the white peony has bloomed. It smells divine. 

Red peony Karl Lagerfeld just outside the White Garden.

 Blue salvia pinched to thicken it up, budding and ready to bloom. 

Double Pink Knockout Rose in the Sunny Border. Loaded with buds. 


  1. Such a gorgeous series of photos!

  2. Thanks Linda - I tried to do justice to the beautiful blooms. I wish you could smell the white ones.

  3. Thanks Joy - one of these days we need to talk about that shady sidewalk of yours. Do y'all bag your grass clippings? If you do start saving them somewhere.

  4. Nice blooms on the peonies! Mine are just about done...and now with the rain the last remaining petals are on the ground.

    1. we really are excited to see the blooms. This is the third year they have been in the ground and really these are the first blooms we have seen. I hope they just get better and better each year.