Friday, May 17, 2013

Present to Myself

I bought myself a present from Bluestone Perennials. The box came packed full of all the goodies that I had suffered over in the catalog for several weeks. UPS doesn't seem to share my tender feelings for little plants. One side of the box had been dropped kicked, and most of the dirt had been throw out into the bottom of the box but luckily Bluestone packs the plants with this treatment in mind. 
Here they all are not really any worse for the wear. A hydrangea for the White Garden, a free plant called Echina Ritro or something like that, looked like an alium in the catalog; two salvia, and three agastache for the Sunny Border.
 Below is Agastache Blue Fortune, long and leggy - I did end up pinching them to thicken them up.
 Salvia May Night below, a dark purple flower that looked too good to pass up.
Fianlly Hydrangea Wedding Gown is an all white, repeat blooming lacecap. I have high hopes for this one. The dark corner of the White Garden stays shady all day, so I hope the hydrangea makes it out there in the hot shade.


  1. Looks like a nice haul David! I am glad they survived their bouncy journey to your loving care. Another nice white hydrangea is Emile Mouillere. I just got one..very tiny.
    The butterflies and hummingbirds will love the Agastache.

    1. Thanks Janet - I'll have to look for Emile Mouillere. I am really excited about the agastache - I have seen Scott at Rhone St sing their praises for so long I want to give them a try. Plus my gardens are so hot in Summer I love to add anything blue.