Friday, July 19, 2013

Today in the Garden

Today was my day to air layer the pink perfection camellia. I spent an hour or two and got 30 potential new camellias started. I will not clip them until much cooler weather in late October or even in November. When the weather cools down they root. Air Layering takes patience. For my tutorial on how I air layer click here.
Last week I tried to strike some cuttings of dogwood, gardenia, tulip tree, and hydrangea. Sad to say that the dogwood and tulip tree cuttings rotted away. The gardenia all took and have healthy roots and no leaf damage at all.
About half of the hydrangeas took, which is better than zero. I am amazed.
Does anyone else try to fill in the holes in the garden by propagating plants you already have?


  1. I have better luck with Dogwood and Camellia seeds. You have time to wait for them to grow. Gardenias will root in a glass of water.

    By tulip tree do you mean tulip poplar or deciduous magnolia?

    Hydrangea isn't a trick to root, but it is hard to transplant if the weather dry. At the right time, old plants of hydrangea, deciduous magnolia and some other things are easily divided like a perennial.

    "Here, stick this in the ground. It will root," was how Miss Billie Harvey taught me propagation as she broke off a big piece of Hydrangea Mariesii Variegata.

    1. Thanks Nell Jean
      People here call them tulip trees but it is some kind of magnolia

  2. Hi David, where has our summer gone? I have been thinking of doing some propagation on my Hydrangea paniculata and have done some with the Edgeworthia. I do have some small Deutzia 'Nikko' for you. Spring blooming white flowers for your white garden.