Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas from Pinewood Cottage - 1966 Aluminum Christmas Tree

     My daughter is excited that all total we have 9 trees up and lit this year. I am excited about this little tree. It is my tree from 1966. It is a 6 foot aluminum tree that I received when I was one and half. I saved the tree this Summer from my mom's attic, as we have been cleaning out her house to sell. The box was in really bad shape, but the tree branches were still in their protective sleeves so the tree is great shape. To answer the question that I know everyone might be thinking - no we did not have the rotating light to change the color of the tree. 
     I have always dreamed of "Martha Stewart-izing" this tree. I chose a silver and white theme, and I think it looks great. Thank You Home Depot. My children have never seen this tree so they have been interested and have helped me decorate it this year which pleases me greatly. Don't know why the camera thinks it's 2008? 

Below is my picture in about 1969. I have other photos from earlier years displayed under the tree in the photo above. This aluminum tree was "my" tree. A child of the 60's I had this tree. I remember getting robots and my favorite toy of ALL time... my GI Joe and his silver astronaut suit. Apparently the late 60's were the metallic years.  

I hope everyone has a Shiny Bright Christmas this year. 
Merry Christmas from Pinewood Cottage. 


  1. What a marvelous find. It was such a great piece of history of our lives that seemed so magical back then and it still is magical. We only had five trees this year so you beat me out on that one. Have a great Christmas and a great new year. Thanks for sharing the aluminum tree. It looks great.

  2. I'll be stopping by to visit the trees.

  3. We had a tree like that when I was a kid!