Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Rose Bed in the Water Garden

I have had cardboard and newspaper shielding and creating this new bed all winter. The junk you see in the grass is the rotting remains of the all the paper, plus some magnolia leaves as it is the time of the year that the magnolias loose all their old leaves, it is a mess. Top soil was added. Beds were churned and softened up, placement was checked. The final shot shows the new bed completed and tucked in with fresh pine straw. 

The new roses are a floribunda rose Burgundy Iceberg from Wayside Gardens. They start out white and quickly change to a dark maroon burgundy shade. If you are lucky they will go so deep they become purple. I am hopeful. Click on the link to their website below to see the image that sold me on trying this rose.

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