Saturday, June 14, 2014

From pickle jars to Pinterest

Field Day pickle sales yield loads of pickle jars. Spray painted lids, electric candles, several press on letters and we have a special interest area for the front porch.


  1. Love new ideas for empty jars. Wondering where you are since June? Have questions: Have you tried planting Camellia seeds? You get hybrids no one has ever seen. Did the Crape Myrtles take? Is the White Garden finished? -- Nell Jean, Seedscatterer.

  2. Nell Jean - I have several camellias that produce seed but I have never tried to grow them. I have not had any luck get even one start from those crape myrtle trees across the street - it is frustrating. The White Garden is definitely a continuing work in progress. Thanks for asking. I need to post more often - i enjoy reading about your happenings.