Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The White Garden in Spring

 From the front sidewalk you can see the entrance to the White Garden. There are glimpses of it, but it is a secret little place tucked away from most of those who pass by in a hurry.
 A closer view from the yard.
 Climatis Henryii has really come into its own this year. Cannot get that pillar to stand tall.
 Here is the view from inside the White Garden looking back across the yard and sidewalk into the park across the street.
 Beside the clematis are the first blooms of the white peony and behind that is the white camellia japonica "man size" which did not bloom this past year.
 Clematis Henryii
 Clematis Henryii - a close up
 white peony
 Several close ups


  1. The white clematis and the white peony are head to head in a contest of the most perfect flowers. They are beautiful. Your yard is looking great. I plan to buy more dahlias this year. I wish I could find more that what Walmart has to offer. Your seasons of course are way ahead of ours.

  2. Thanks Larry - I never have tried Dahlias - didn't the photos of the flowers turn out good! The sun was going down and the light was just right.