Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow on Pinewood Cottage


  1. You live in a beautiful house. I like the style of it with all the porches. If I were teaching this year, I would be working at making up 14 full days of snow closures. Jack is sure a neat guy. Our poodle is half his size and totally ungroomed. Take care.

  2. What a beautiful cottage you live in ! Love those porches, I have them on the front and back and wouldn't want a house without them.
    I came your way via L.D.Burgus blog, and so glad I did !
    Hope to visit often.

  3. Thanks Jo! We hope to turn the upstairs of the house into a B and B when i retire. We really love living in the house. I figure a lovely cottage garden cannot hurt my hopes of having a three star B and B!