Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend in Washington, Georgia

     This weekend my wife took me on an over night trip to Washington, Ga for a relaxing stay at a Bed and Breakfast. We left Friday morning as school was out for a snow day holiday that we didn't have to use. We got there and both had scheduled a deep tissue massage at the local massage therapy place. One
hour of relaxation - I was done for the weekend -  everything else was icing on the cake.

     The Bed and Breakfast had wine and cheese for us on the veranda when we got checked in late that afternoon. We found several camellia arrangements in our bedroom.
We ate at several nice restaurants downtown and did a lot of shopping and found some treasures for the family. I found a white camellia for the white garden, and my wife found a maiden's hair fern that she really loved.
     Washington, Ga is rich with history and many, many beautiful homes and public buildings. We found out that the local library had Tiffany windows so we made a side trip. The original front doors were quite interesting.
The Mary Willis Library was built after her death as a memorial and gift to the town by her father. The Windows were made at the Tiffany Factory at New Haven.

Mary Willis is pictured in the central panel, St Peter is shown in the left panel, and William Shakespeare is shown in the panel to the right.
Below is the Maiden's Hair Fern
and Camellia Japonica Man Sized

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