Monday, May 2, 2011

Presents for myself

     I am still working on the White Garden. I found Bluestone Perennials while reading one of your followers post. I was impressed with the website and ordered several white baptisia and two white clematis. Sorry to say the baptisia was back ordered to the Fall - but the little clematis came and are growing already.

     They look so little I am afraid to throw them out in the ground already. What do you do when you have such a little transplant? I am thinking about potting them so I can protect them a little while.


  1. The smaller the plant the less of a transplanting shock. Just mulch it good so the surface is protected and they don't dry out, they should be fine. You just want to be sure that you protect any roots that are close to the surface.

  2. Plop that baby in the ground! Doc's advise is good.

  3. Be a little careful with the stem, don't let it flop. I've had difficulty with clematis. I've seen clematis once its gets a little situated it takes off, so go figure. Don't let it dry out or don't flood it every day either. sounds easy doesn't

  4. Yup, in the ground.

    Btw, my mom had that same vintage acorn cake carrier. Thanks for the sweet memory moment.