Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunny Sunday

 The Sunny Front Border mid-May. I forgot I had moved that one odd Day Lily to make room for the sea-holly. I like it right there in front. It shows up better. The Stella-de-Oro day lilies are in full bloom. The knock-out roses are in between bloomings.
 A nice arrangement.
 The is the unnamed day lily, more to come.
 Enchinaceia Green Envy ready to bloom. Last year it looked like any other old plant so they may have shipped the wrong thing.
 Stella-de-Oro - it just gets better with age.
 The mandevilla are almost to the tops of the string. They are doing great after being over-wintered in the basement.
 This fern just came up several years ago. It seems to like the full sun - so i say 'you go girl.'
 The yarrow is beautiful in person but it look SO bad in pictures. The ivy globe that the little boy carried last fall seems to have come undone.
The guara is off and running. It really does like the hot sun.
We got a lot that. Have a great week.


  1. Beautiful. I regret that I didn't walk around the yard on Saturday.

  2. Beautiful David! I can't wait until I can spend more time in my flowers. Right now, they just kind of hold their own until the kiddos get a little more independent and I can devote more time.

  3. Your flowers are doing well. I have many day lilies but they won't be out for another month. I like the statue with the flowing hat.