Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunny Border and Rose ID

     The Easter Bunny left me some pinestraw in the front Sunny Border. A teacher friend told me that some of the Shanta Daisies that we shared with her are coming back! She was so surprised. I am glad to share the love of the perennials I have collected here. 
     The other day my neighbor came across the street and asked me to show him how to air layer his tea olive bushes. He wants to have them placed at all four corners of his yard - so that he can catch the smell no matter where he is in the yard. I was proud that he remembered me airlayering some things from his yard. Passing the torch, so to speak.
     One day I hope to take the Master Gardener Certification - and I think I know what my emphasis will be - air layering for success in propagating plants. I already have an idea what public service project I will take on, but that will need to be discussed later.

    In the backyard around the parking pad we have what I think are New Dawn roses. They only bloom once, but are prolific when it's their time. They have a light scent, and are powder pink. The canes grow really long, and are loaded with thorns. I prune this one back hard twice a year.

     Anybody have any thoughts? I got these roses from my wife's grandfather's garden - they moved here in 1930. So I think it could be a New Dawn rose but i don't know enough about roses to be sure. 
Let me know what you think this rose is. Have a great week! David


  1. It looks very much like "New Dawn". It was introduced into commerce in 1930. I'm going to agree that it is indeed New Dawn.

  2. Thanks Redneck Rosarian - Every picture i have seen of roses identified as new dawn look and sound just like this rose.
    I hope you guys are alright where you live.

  3. Your green greens are wonderful. We are just now seeing that it is time to mow the yard. It is a gorgeous rose. It reminds me of New Dawn, but what do I know?