Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A quick look at the Back Yard

Here is a view from the Water Garden looking back up at the porch.
The Camelias are still going strong. Below is a close up.

 The middle of the back yard features the red maple and its bed.
 On the table just outside the basement door
we have the ladies in waiting.
Foxtail fern, asparagus fern, and my new Winter Daphne 
that's waiting for Spring Break so I can chose the perfect place for it.
I'm thinking part sunny part shade. Any suggestions on planting a Winter Daphne?
This borders time is marked - I'm 47 - it will not see me at age 50 - 
one of us has got to go! It ain't gonna be me neither!

That bamboo that you see is from my neighbor's yard. I have been begging him for several years to keep it beat back. He just says "feel free to come over and cut it back." So now I have it coming up in the hedge row, and in the Middle Back Yard. Uhh! At least it only grows for one month then just sits the other 11 months of the year.

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