Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Trip around the Front Yard

Here is a view of the Front Yard I don't often show. The trees were planted around 1901. They tower over the house and suck all the life - and moisture - out of that yard. I don't think people should park in their front yard. Enough said about that. This photo also shows the table on the porch, we eat out there quite often.
 Around the corner from the picture above is the New Dawn rose. It rained last night so they are heavy and droopy. So sweet though.

 The Guara seem to like their new home near the driveway. I may have to replace the other one, this one gets more sun.

 The gardenia bushes near the front porch are loaded with buds. They smell so good when they get warmed by the sun. That was the whole reason for planting them there.
The lavender is blooming. I still hope it is going to take off.

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