Monday, April 2, 2012

A trip around the front yard

 Italian Arum
 Wood Fern
 Hosta - June
it's supposed to be really big when it's grown
 Guara - coming back strong
 Camelia japonica - man sized
yes I will be air layering that tall branch at the top
 It did have one little short lived bloom
next year I am more hopeful
 The peonies are awakening -
The largest one to the right is a pink the small one to the far left is red
and the one at the top of the bed is within the the white garden so it is pure white.
 Here is the matching bed to the right of the wall.
The tomato cage holds the white Clematis vine which is awaiting
some kind of support structure, either purchased or built. any suggestions?
 On the other side of the front porch this wall is near the driveway.
New Dawn roses and boxwood surround the wall fountain.
 Sunny Knock Out roses are back!
This is a big deal for me -
NOTHING will grow and thrive in this little
strip of border that is so close to the tree and its roots.
 This is not a great photo but the plants look great
and already have many flower buds all over them.
Here is the view looking from the sidewalk back into the yard.
I am thinking about moving the Guara to this side of the yard.
It doesn't mind being dry and seems to love the heat,
and i have lots of dry and lots of heat for them over here -
they should be happy.


  1. This weather has everything growing like crazy!

  2. i don't know about ya'll - but it has been hot here already - 89 and 90 several days - i'm afriad to even think about July and August.